Production Technology LLC, Protec, Dubai, U.A.E


Protec robotics opens up a whole new range of animated movement or stage special effect options for clients looking for a new approach to product launches, conferencing events, award shows, concerts, filming and special events.

We stock heavy duty 4 meter tall robotic arms that can lift up to 250 kgs each. They can be mounted on a stand or on a driven dolly and, as a result, can carry out repeatable, linear motions on a tracking system.

We also have humanoid two-armed 1.8 m tall robots that are perfect for exhibitions and displays.

A growing trend new to event agencies, event organizers and exhibitors. It allows complex processes and motion sequences to be presented successfully with a strong appeal to audiences. Six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) make things that seemed impossible come true.

The range of applications of Protec's robots is virtually limitless. Exploit the flexibility of our robots to perform fascinating synchronised movement with animated props, projection or LED display surfaces and make the most of its dynamism, speed and flexible mobility to bring motion and depth to your stage and event.

For filming show action or wherever there is fast-moving action to be staged, Protec robots can serve as a motion base. Six degrees of freedom guarantee realistic motion sequences.

With Protec robotics, there is a virtually endless range of potential applications. Discuss your ideas with us and we'll engineer them for you!

Image tracking

Special Projects uses Blacktrax, a multi-award-winning tracking solution that has revolutionized the entertainment industry by empowering productions with unprecedented creativity and cutting-edge technology.

BlackTrax is as real-time as it gets. Like a bridge between what used to be done and what can be done, as it allows for consistency between creativity, artistry, technology and freedom; vital components to filling seats and hearts with memorable experiences show after show.

Whether your stage is fixed or is part of a full-scale touring production, Protec specialists are ready to bring your vision and imagination to life. Blacktrax solutions are mobile, flexible, simple, adaptable and scalable to meet any production demand large or small.

Capable of transmitting precise 3D and 6D positional data to automation controllers in a genuine real-time tracking environment ensuring your audience leaves every event feeling immersed by the experience, both visually and audibly.

BlackTrax doesn’t just track, it offers the most intelligent tracking solution that you can get. Operators have the ability to define zones in the virtual space that will trigger actions in the real space. The system is intelligent and goes beyond simple “on/off” tracking, with a range of features such as prediction algorithms and trigger points to fire up lighting or multimedia cues.

Clients haven’t had to change their production scope, or compromise their creativity in making image tracking work for them. In fact it has enhanced their creativity, their freedom and allowed for complete spontaneity, while solving other production problems and also reduced their production costs.

Media Servers

Protec is the only d3 supplier in the region with the design, sequence and control capabilities that are a must need for special events.

Our specialists can help you design, simulate, sequence and playback more easily than ever before.

Employing the most advanced content mapping features, with dynamic edge blending, means we can map content onto multiple LED, projection and DMX-based screens of any shape and form, static or moving.

With our d3 system, you can play up to 32HD Quicktime DXV or HAP movies, including crossfades with up to 16k resolutions in any one direction or play QT Animation, QT photo jpeg and uncompressed audio together with a range of still-image formats.

The only server with a multi edit feature with the ability to simultaneously run a live rehearsal whilst we edit and one of the best servers for switching between main and backup systems seamlessly.

d3 also integrates motion control automated systems such as BlackTrax and CPS to project or light, moving objects.

With real-time stage simulation we can import props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements as 3D models completely integrated into a single intuitive software solution, to explore a unique new way of boosting your creative freedom while saving time, money and expensive rendering time.