Production Technology LLC, Protec, Dubai, U.A.E

Custom Engineered Solutions

Over the years Protec has grown a reputation for tailored engineering automated designs for the entertainment & events industry.

Protec's range of inter-compatible systems can be easily supplemented allowing lighting, video, moving sets and more to become part of the show.

Performer flying rigs

We stock a range of winches and tracking systems to cater for aerial artists & performer flying. Our systems can either be automated for cued movement with repeatable precision or with controlled movement using the versatility of our control console.

Electric and Hydraulic Powered Movement

Protec has one of the largest stocks of electric and hydraulic powered movement equipment for the event industry. When engineered into one of your creative concepts, it enables us to bring life to your event.

Single-axis and multiple-axis control options

Using the latest technology to provide a robust, customisable entertainment solution for the flying of performers, cameras and other objects in 3D.

Works in conjunction with the existing winch controllers, engineered to deliver power and performance for control of induction, linear and servo motors for winches, turntables, elevators and other high end stage machinery.

Can be used to create multi-dimensional paths with multiple objects moving and being displayed in real time within the 3D user environment.

Stage Revolves

Amongst a range of varied diameter revolves, Protec owns the largest non-permanent automated revolve in the world. At 30m in diameter and a capacity of 55 ton, it is the largest of its kind in the rental world. Check the product page for available modular sizes.