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DW Complete Kits consisting of 8/10/12/13" Rack Toms, two 16" Floor toms and a range of eight snare sizes PLUS 18" Kick Drum & 14" Floor Tom for the serious Jazzers.

Tama Drums of all sizes for jazz and Rock. The hardware includes Iron Cobra double and single kick pedals and Hi Hat stands.

Yamaha Drums still sounding great for any genre of music.

DW Kick Drums

DW Finish Ply 22x18 Bass Drum

DW Finish Ply 18x16 Bass Drum

DW Finish Ply 21x 16 Gong Drum

DW Floor Toms DW Finish Ply 18x18 Floor tom

DW Finish Ply 16x14 Floor Tom

DW Finish Ply 16x16 Floor Tom

DW Finish Ply 14x12 Floor Tom

DW Rack Toms

DW Finish Ply 13x10 Rack Tom

DW Finish Ply 12x9 Rack Tom

DW Finish Ply 10x8 Rack Tom

DW Finish Ply 8x7 Rack Tom

DW Snare Drums

DW 14x4 Collectors Brass Snare

DW 14x4 Collectors Maple Snare

DW 14x5.5 Maple Satin Oil Snare

DW 14x5.5 Stainless Steel Snare

DW 13x6.5 Maple Satin Oil Snare

DW 13x6.5 Stainless Steel Snare

DW 12x5 Maple Satin Oil Snare

DW 10x6 Maple Satin Oil Snare (mountable)

DW Hardware

DW 9000PB Infinite Double Kick Pedal

DW 9000 Infinite Kick Pedal

DW 9100 M Drum Throne

DW 9300 Heavy Duty Snare Stand

DW 9000 2 Leg Hi Hat Stand

DW 5000 3 Leg Hi Hat Stand

DW 9700 Heavy Duty Cymbal Stands

DW 9934 Double Tom Stand plus Cymbal Boom

Tama Drums

Tama Starclassic Maple 20x18 Kick Drum

Tama Starclassic Maple 22x20 Kick Drum

Tama Starclassic Maple 18x16 Floor Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 16x16 Floor Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 14x14 Floor Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 8x8 Rack Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 10x9 Rack Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 12x10 Rack Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 13x11 Rack Tom

Tama Starclassic Maple 14x6.5 Snare Drum

Tama Starclassic Stainless Steel 14x6.5 Snare Drum

Tama Boom Cymbal Stands

Tama Double tom Stands

Tama Heavy Duty Snare Stands

Iron Cobra 3 Leg Hi Hat Stand

Iron Cobra Single Kick Drum Pedal

Iron Cobra Double Kick Drum Pedal

Yamaha Drums

Yamaha FP850 pedal Bass

Yamaha Maple Custom 22"x16" bass drum

Yamaha Maple Custom 16"x16" floor drum

Yamaha Maple Custom 14"x12" rack tom

Yamaha Maple Custom 13"x11" rack tom

Yamaha Maple Custom 12"x10" rack tom

Yamaha Maple Custom 10"x9" rack tom

Yamaha SS830 snare stand

Yamaha TH945 triple tom holder

Yamaha DS840 drum throne

Yamaha HS930 Hi-Hat stand

Yamaha cymbal stands Boom

Yamaha WS945 tom stand

Yamaha Maple 14"x4" snare drum

Yamaha 14"x5.5" brass snare drum

Yamaha Stage Custom 20" Bass Drum

Yamaha Stage Custom 14" Floor Tom

Yamaha Stage Custom 12" rack tom

Yamaha Stage Custom 10" rack tom

Yamaha Stage Custom 14" Snare Drum

Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Stool

Pearl M513P "Piccolo" snare drum

Gibraltar Rack system

Yamaha DTXpress IV electric drum kit

Roland SPD S Drum Pad

Assorted drum thrones

Roc’N’Soc Nitro drum throne

Roc’N’Soc MST round seat drum thrones

Roc’N’Soc MST round seat drum thrones

(with back rest)

Concert series Buttkicker

5’ x 2’ Perspex acoustic drum screens

Gibraltar Rack


As we have increased the amount of Drum kits we have also increased the amount of cymbals with Sabian AA/AAX/HHX ranges & Zildjian Cymbals with A and K ranges.


Sabian AA 10in Splash

Sabian AA 13in Medium Hi-Hats

Sabian AA 14in Medium Crash

Sabian AA 14in Medium Hi-Hats

Sabian 15in XPL Crash

Sabian AA 16in China

Sabian AA 16in Medium Crash

Sabian AA 17in Medium Crash

Sabian AA 18in CrashRide

Sabian AA 18in Medium Crash

Sabian AA 20in Medium Ride

Sabian AA 20in RockRide

Sabian AA 8in Splash


Zildjian Medium Custom 18” Crash

Zildjian Medium crash 16”

Zildjian Medium crash 18

Zildjian medium Custom 16 Crash

Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats 14"

Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats 13"

Zildjian Medium ride 20"

Zildjian Medium ride 18"

Zildjian China 18"

Zildjian Splash 10"

Zildjian ‘K’ Splash 10”

Zildjian ‘K’ Splash 12”

Zildjian ‘K’ Hi Hats 14”

Zildjian ‘K’ Thin Dark Crash 15”

Zildjian ‘K’ Medium Thin Crash 16”

Zildjian ‘K’ Medium Thin Crash 17”

Zildjian ‘K’ Medium Thin Crash 18”

Zildjian ‘K’ Ride 20”

Zildjian ‘K’ Ride 22”

Paiste 2002 Medium Hi-Hats 14"

Drum Triggers

New-generation triggers: the RT-10K (for kick drums), RT-10S (for snare drums), and RT-10T (for toms). Physically smaller than their predecessors, the new 10-series triggers are easier to position.

Roland RT10-T Tom Triggers

Roland RT10-S Snare trigger

Roland RT10-K Kick trigger

Roland KD7 Kick Unit


Assorted LP Percussion including Classic wood and fiberglass Quinto’s Conga’s and Tumba’s with various stands. Assorted timbale sizes and bongos. Toys box containing all you would expect including: Jam Blocks/Wood Blocks/Mountable tamborines and shakers.

LP Bongo and stand set3 Remo Rototoms 8” 10” 12”

LP Aspire Series 10/11 Quito and Congas

LP Aspire fiberglass 10” Quinto

LP Classic Conga (Red wine)

LP Classic Tumba (Red Wine)

LP Classic Quinto (Red Wine)

LP Aspire 12.5” natural wood Djembe

Gibralter Djembe stand

Single Conga stand

Double conga stand

LP Tito Puento 9.5” 10.5” Timbales and stands

LP 14” and 15” Timbales

LP Bar chimes

LP Maracas

Caxixi Shakers

LP Bell Tree

LP Triangle 4"

LP Triangle 5"

LP Triangle 6"

LP Cow Bell

LP Double-Wood block

LP Red Jam Block

LP Cajon

Set LP Maraca’s (Small)

LP Maraca’s (Large)

Vibra Slap

Set of Claves

large Metal Shaker

Percussion Table (Pearl)

LP Percussion Table with Everything Rack

LP Castanets

Rhythm Tech Half-Moon tambourines

Mountable LP Tamborine

Brazilian Tamborine

Brazilian Pandeiro

Cyclops Shaker

LP One Shot Shakers

Bass Systems

From combos to cabinets, large or small our professional range of bass gear includes Ampeg/SWR/Aguilar/Trace Elliot and Ashdown.

Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Head (original USA)Ampeg SVT 8 x 10 Bass Cabinets

Ampeg SVT Pro II Bass Head

SWR SM 400S Bass Head

SWR Redhead 2 X10 Bass Combo

SWR Goliath 4 X 10 Bass Cab

Trace Elliot AH500-12 amplifier head

Trace Elliot 1518H 1 x 15 cabinet

Trace Elliot 1048H 4 x 10 cabinet

Trace Elliot 1210H Bass Combo

Aguilar DB751 Bass Heads

Aguilar DB410 Bass Cabs

Ashdown EVOlll 500 Bass Amp


We have an ever growing selection of Fender and Gibson Electrics/Acoustics and Basses along with a few other brands to play with.

Fender Telecaster American Standard GuitarFender Stratocaster Electric Guitar (USA)

Fender Dreadnought Acoustic six string guitar

Fender Jazz 4 string bass

Fender 5 String Bass Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar

Epiphone Sheraton II (335 style) Hollow Body Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica 6 string electric guitar

Yamaha 4 String electric bass guitar

Carlos Nylon string Acoustic (with pickup)

Guitar Amplifiers

There is an ever expanding range of the most professional range of Combos and Heads with Cabs.

Fender Hot Rod Deville Guitar Combo

Vox AC30 Guitar Combo

Line 6 212 Bognor Guitar Combo

Line 6 Short Board Pedal Controller

Mesa Boogie MKIII Guitar Combo

Mesa Boogie MKIV Guitar combo

Mesa Boogie triple rectifier Guitar amp

Mesa Boogie 4X12 Guitar Cab

Roland JC 120 Guitar Combo

Marshall JCM800 Head

Marshall Superlead Series 100 Head

Marshall JCM2000 DSL Super lead two Channel Amp

Marshall JCM2000 TSL Super lead three Channel Amp

Marshall 1960A 4X12 Cabinet (sloped)

Marshall 1960B 4X12 Cabinet (flat)

Orange Rockverb MKII Guitar Amp

Orange PPC 4 x 12 Guitar Cab

Fender Twin 65 re issue Combo

Fender Twin Silver Face

Guitar Stand

Line 6 G30 Wireless guitar systems

8 Way (ultracase type) guitar racks (stands)

Boss TU3 Guitar Tuners

Jim Dunlop Standard Wah Pedal


The challenging pace of new keyboard technology means we have large stock of professional keyboards, the most sought after ranges including Yamaha/Korg/Roland and Nord

Double Tier Keyboard Stand

Fender Rhodes Electric Piano

Heavy Duty X Frame Keyboard Stand

Triple Tier Keyboard Stand

Korg M3 73 key

Korg Kronos X88

Korg Triton Pro X 88 note

Korg Triton workstation keyboard

Korg Z1 synth keyboard

Korg TR rack 1 unit

Roland D50 Keyboard

Roland G6 Keyboard

Roland G8 Keyboard

Roland V Synth GT

Roland RD700 NX Piano

Roland RD600 electric piano 88 note

Nord Stage 88 Piano

Nord Electro 3 Organ Keyboard

Hammond XK2 organ single tier

Leslie 122 Cabinet

Moog Voyager triple stand

Yamaha Motif XF8 double stand

Yamaha Motif XF7

Yamaha S90 SX

Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano

Trace Elliot TEK300 Keyboard Combo

FV500L Volume Pedals

Mackie 1402 VLZ 14 channel mixers

DJ Decks & Mixers

From Vinyl to digital, including the most up to date pioneer Nexus range of CDJ’s and DJM’s and back as far as CDJ 1000’s

Allen & Heath X-ONE 92 DJ Mixer

Ortofon Concorde DJ Cartridges

Ortofon Concorde Pro Cartridge

Pioneer CDJ 2000

Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer

Pioneer EFX1000 DJ Effects

Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3

Pioneer DJM600 DJ Mixer

Technics SL1210 MK2 Turntables

Turntable Slip Mats

Heavy Duty Laptop Stand

Orchestra Support

Top of the range Weild and Speith Cello, Double Bass and Percussion Chairs. 100’s of Heavy Duty K&M music stands with lights. Spike boards/Conductors podiums and perspex screens.

K&M Heavy Duty Music Stand

K&M Music Stand Lights

Standard Music Stands

LED Music Stand Lights

Rat Music stand with lights

K&M Music Stand Tray

Kolberg Conductors Music Stand

Wilde & Speith Double Bass Stool

Wilde & Speith Percussion Stool

Wilde & Speith Cello Stool

Spike Boards

Conductors Stand with Back Rail

600mm x600mm Square Mountable Perspex Acoustic Shields