Production Technology LLC, Protec, Dubai, U.A.E


From intimate private performances to arena scale touring shows and festivals - Protec carry the largest inventory of professional lighting equipment in the Middle East to fully equip multiple concerts of any scale simultaneously.

We have a large crew of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable lighting technicians to provide excellent support and services to any touring lighting teams.

Special Live Events

Fixed Event lighting systems to illuminate regularly scheduled events, including sporting events, festivals and conventions, indoor or outdoor.

Consideration of numerous viewing angles of players, performers, and spectators, while also addressing television broadcast criteria.

Lighting designs integrate with audio, video, SFX and performance features - with visuals controlled by VPU’s, Blacktrax live tracking, video servers and staff with the specialist knowledge to create unforgettable and eye catching events.

Conferences & Awards

With years of experience lighting corporate seminars, gala dinners and award ceremonies - Protec's lighting designers offer a collaborative client approach with comprehensive understanding of visibility, naturalism & audio visual integration.

Product Launches & Fashion Shows

Experienced at working on high profile events using lighting as a key visual communication tool.

We produce custom lighting designs to reinforce the style of your launch, creating atmosphere or simply to pull focus and audiences attention during your show.

Largest supplier of generic lighting fixtures in the region with stock which includes fixtures ideal for full coverage of any stage with correct colour balance for cameras.


A theatrical LD understands the physical and psychological aspects of light and its use to create a sense of visibility, or style, composition and mood.

Whether you require a lighting design or the technical kit with crew to support your touring theatrical productions, we will deliver what it takes to ensure your audience enjoys a spectacular experience.

Alongside our inventory of industry standard intelligent and generic lighting fixtures we also have an extensive stock of control desks to suit your specific requirements.

Motion Tracking

Full Black Trax system for the live 3D motion tracking of anything from performers to scenic objects, enabling automated lights and even projected video images to track in real time for the most flexible, intelligent and adaptable automated system. As the only supplier in the region with this technology, our chief LD is certified as a CAST software trainer and Protec lighting technicians are CAST trained.

WYSIWYG pre-visualisation

Industry leading visual technology allowing you to pre-visualise your show-

intensity, form, color, direction & movement of light - whatever the size of the event.