Production Technology LLC, Protec, Dubai, U.A.E

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, can turn everyday static objects of any scale into a display surface for video projection with captivating animated effects.

Mapping architecture, small indoor objects or temporary stages, this technique is used to add extra dimensions, movement and manipulating the geometry of a solid structure without distortion. It is a combination of motion graphics, 3D animation and video footage to build a visual effect that can defy all expectations.

With 3.7 million lumens of image brightness we can project on an astonishingly massive scale!

3D Stereoscopic Projection

With a complete range of high-end projection platforms covering all technologies - CRT, LCD and DLP™ - for active and/or passive stereo applications

Using 3-D glasses, from disposable to designer, your audience can experience a physical building warping, bubbling, and exploding three dimensionally, right in front of their eyes.

Widescreen & Immersive Environments

Engaging a combination of immersive technologies to create an environment in which users are completely surrounded, transforming ordinary space into a sensory immersive experience to powerfully engage your audience.

You can choose from widescreen stretching of standard 16:9 format screens, to expansive curved seamless projection, to 360° projection. Add our lighting, sound and SFX to your video and what you get is a massively enhanced and impressive performance in a venue of any scale.

Interactive Technology

Multi-user interactive touch display with touch tracking that can be built into a wall or embedded into custom furniture to create a social experience, inspiring users to collaborate, communicate or explore.

An interactive technology ideal for social network integration, as well as remote management and monitoring.

Holographic Applications

Because there's more to a holographic solution than just the display - we have the projection technology, with precise image processing and the highest resolution, making images crisp, clean and detailed for a truly realistic experience. Your event should never be forgotten.

Expansive LED Screens

We provide cutting-edge LED technology, installed and operated by expert technicians.

With modular display LED panels from low to high res indoor & outdoor systems with seamless connection to multiple curved indoor LED screens to build convex or concave curved video walls.

Camera Systems

Full HD broadcast quality camera systems with portable production unit and full telemetrics for putting IMAG to screen live and for archived recordings.