Ethiad airways unveils two new flagship aircrafts, the airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Abu Dhabi airport.

Protec’s design focused on a 26m curved projection screen with a central catwalk, built on a 24m x 36m platform, 8m above the hangar offices.

With a dramatic music score, lighting effects and two 384 square meter kabuki drops, the venue opened to unveil both planes from a vantage point.

Staged in Abu Dhabi Airport’s hangars, Protec used an impressive 25,000 m2 of black wool drape, 1.5km of truss and 175 motors with a lighting design that enhanced the 20,000m2 hangar floor area.

22 Etihad Airways cabin crew showcased the new uniform designed by Italian Ettore Bilotta in a specially choreographed fashion show.

In addition to the media event, more than 1,500 people enjoyed the spectacle and toured the two new aircrafts.