Protec partnered Al Sayegh Media for the Dubai Smarter Dubai Healthier event with lighting, video, audio, automation, staging and simultaneous translations.

The automation on this project allowed protec to track the LED screens by using 2 traverse motors running on a light weight rail system controlled by our position based automation console

Audio consisted of an L-Acoustics Kara flown rig with a Digico SD11i mixing console

Stage lighting used 2kW fresnels as high output was required to stand against the light emitted from the moving led screen backdrop. Clay Paky k10 moving head fixtures were used for colour wash on stage and

the stage set, while the speakers and set panels were lit with ETC Source profile spots. Pixel Range Q-pars were used to light up the internal sections of the ‘control booth set’ with Source4 profiles highlighting the operators within. The audience and effects lighting consisted of Clay Paky Mythos fixtures, 0,5kW coda cyc floods and Robert Juliat 2kW profiles

Protec built the 16m x 4m stage with custom steps as well as the 2 lightboxes used for additional branding as part of the stage set along with a mock control room with 14 bespoke desks
We also provided full Simultaneous Translation support with our Bosch Simtrans system including the interpreter booth and 200 headset