Protec delivers a unique and captivating production for the launch of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Robotics, video, lighting, audio and staging were provided to deliver a memorable car launch with no compromises for show producers – The Onlooker. Dynamic movement infused with clever video content and creative lighting and audio completed an engaging experience for the high profile guests at the launch.

We used 2 of our large Kuka robotic arms to which we attached 2.3m x 1.5m Mambo 4.8mm LED screens. The robots were programmed to a choreographed sequence that created movement for the LED screens to interact with the rear projection screen content and the dancers on stage. Each screen on the robots was sent a separate feed from our Watchout media server and had a Barco HDX 20k that rear projected onto the roll up centre screen that was to eventually reveal the car.

All LED panels were run through NovaStar VX4S processors. The LED screens were run at a relatively low intensity to ensure the content on the projection screen was not overpowered. The performances and video content was enhanced with a creative lighting design that mainly consisted of Clay Paky Sharpy, Mythos and A.leda K10 b-eye fixtures that swung subtle beams of colour across to create a mesmerising blend of theatrics and technology.

The show was centred around the moving screens on the robotic arms and the video content was the main focus.  Using subtle flashes and movements of light, we managed to compliment this, rather than distract from it. K10 B-Eye fixtures were used to light the car, as they have a high CRI and it was possible to tune the colour temperature to match content and the paint work on the car.  Using the digital beam shaping, we lit the car without too much overspill onto the guests that surrounded the stage.

The centre of attraction was a multiple display of the car’s internal components placed on rectangular plinths, which we lit mainly with Alpha Profile 700 fixtures so we could frame them up nice and sharp, again, eliminating over spill.  Another big display was the wall of the car interior options which were lit with Source 4 fixtures.  The tungsten source helped bring out the warmth of the woods and the rich colours available in the leathers.

Audio had to consider keeping everything low profile as the ceiling height was low and we didn’t want to impede on the visual look of the set and video screens. We also needed impact for the video playback elements and coverage down the sides of the stage area.

We chose the new l-acoustics X series speakers for their coverage patterns and increased SPL over the older XT series. We used 4 off X12 X8 speakers each with 2 off SB18 subs for low end. This was run by LA8 amplifiers which we could then contour and control the speaker outputs and tonality.

Staging consisted of a matte black Marley custom structure that discreetly concealed the bases of the robots and was capable of carrying the weight of the Ferrari as well. Stage steps were enhanced with LED strip lighting to maintain the theme.

The successful launch event, described as a combination of luxury style and performance was a direct reflection of the car’s own enviable features.