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Games 15 Middle East, the premier gaming event in the region hosted by ESL, was a three day event with live competitive gaming along with a large exhibit previewing games scheduled to be launched in the coming months.

The Main Arena was rigged using Protec’s EHD (extra heavy duty) ground support structure which held 3 LED screens rigged off the 18in sub truss.
Protec Video used an Encore VP System for the Main Arena stage which worked well for the event. It needed a simple system that could handle an HD-SDI Signal with minimal latency loss. The Encore System was able to prevent any lip syncing issues that may have occurred due to the fast pace action of the event.

On the secondary exhibition stage, a smaller rig consisting of Clay Paky HPE 700, Martin Mac Aura and Pixel Range Q Par fixtures were used.

Lighting’s focus was primarily the live broadcast, with an important live audience also to impress. 24 Clay Paky K20 B-Eye and 8 Mythos fixtures along with Molefays were used for the main stage. To create a more ‘arena’ feel to the relativity small stage, Clay Paky Super Sharpy fixtures were used to send some big beam effects into the Dubai night sky and LED pixel smart fixtures added some ambient lighting in the main audience area.  The large cinematic set, built out of shipping containers was subtly lit to add to the scenic surround feature.
Protec used its new MA Lighting Dot 2 XL-F lighting consoles, which were easy for the lighting operators due to their clean layout and programming simplicity.

The production manager for SNAP, Darren Hodge said, “Being the first full scale gaming event in this region, it was a learning curve for all of us and to have the depth of resources that Protec have to hand was a great help. As usual nothing seemed a problem and there was always help and creative assistance immediately available from Protec.”