Protec was engaged for the third consecutive time and delivered the most successful opening ceremony production for IDEX in the exhibition’s history, as this unique and exciting show broke all records.

As events go, there is probably no other theatrical production in the world that can boast the kind of special effects, choreography of military personnel and assets, or  scenic staging sets that IDEX can. This was all performed on a 250m x 60m air, land and water performance stage that was built from the ground up on a car park delivering an action packed and engaging show for a live audience.

The show, which was held at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi from February 19th till February 23rd 2017, had a mix of local heritage performances, local & international military parades and the main part of the show was a battle enactment. This demonstrated a fictitious

scenario whereby an elite military group representing the UAE Land Forces, Special Forces, Navy and Air Force liberate ”a war torn nation in the mountains” from militia control. The enactment featured air drops, low passing jet fly-bys, helicopters, naval support, firefights, fast moving pursuits involving tanks and armoured vehicles in challenging surroundings, a fully working and custom built train and submarine as well as full movie grade special effects (including high grade vehicle hits, land fireballs and debris explosions, rock falls, bullet hits, water explosions, etc), culminating in the “successful liberation of the mountain village”. It was a technology demonstration worth the dedicated staging set that Protec built up for the show, which left audiences and special guests struck in awe on all five days this show was run.