The opening ceremony used a riot of colour and light to depict the central theme of urging youth towards core sporting principles of determination, perseverance, stamina and the will to achieve.

Protec’s video specialists used two d3 4X4 Pro servers which created the mask, blend and warp for the custom shape screens as well as integrating the use of primarily Clay Paky lighting fixtures which included 24 X Clay Paky Mythos and 14 x Clay Paky K10 B-eye, working together alongside 8 X Sharpy, 7 X Sharpy Wash 330 and 8 X Super Sharpy.

Protec used the BlackTrax real time motion tracking solution to track Clay Paky lighting fixtures with unlimited follow spot positions, as the entire rig could be used as follow spots if needed. This gave Protec the ability to track multiple stunt performers on BMX, In-line skates, trampolines and even a back-flipping wheelchair from any position in the room, without having to think about calling follow spot operators.

Protec was proud to deliver the creative technical support for HQ Creative’s successful and memorable show.