Sensation Dubai 2017 saw the global phenomenon return to the city for the fourth time. With more than a few surprises from the stunning line-up, this event saw the experience come alive with a mind-blowing lighting show, thumping music, theatrical acts and the voices of thousands of screaming fans in a sea of white who came to “Celebrate Life”.

Protec provided complete technical solutions including video, audio, lighting and backline, as well as some elements of the set and all necessary rigging.

The combination of Envie Events, Backbone International, the Sensation crew from Holland and

Protec all worked together as a great team to ensure that the delivery of the show was as slick as the plan that had been designed. It was quite an unusual show for Sensation because it differed in design both technically and aesthetically from previous years to cater to the Dubai market for this year.

Nicolas Vandenabeele, Director, Envie Events said, “It’s been an absolute roller-coaster with Sensation this year. I loved the sky-rocketing energy and innovations that were in the show, and all of it would not have been possible without the support of all our partners.”

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