Transformation of the 300,000 square meters grounds at Al Wathba was undertaken by HQ Creative, who in just 40 days, turned a car park and camel race track into a vast temporary traditional Emirati heritage village.

Protec were appointed to install and operate all video, lighting and audio elements.
The extensive festival site centred at Union Square, featured a performance area with 8 towers around the circumference which housed Protec Audio’s Vertec 4889, Protec Lighting’s Clay Paky Sharpies and good old fashioned Pars.
Protec Audio set a system of Neutrix wireless audio transmitters and receivers to transmit audio files to the festivals surrounding landscape areas – Sea, Oasis, Mountain, and Desert.

Protec Lighting utilized over 800 fixtures comprising of par 64, Clay Paky 1500w beams, Clay Paky Sharpys, Clay Paky 1200w washes and 1200w HPE spots, City Colors and an enormous magnitude of socapex and fibre!
The grand opening ceremony, aired live on Abu Dhabi TV, featured 5,000 performers including Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi, the Royal Guards, folklore troupes, national flag displays, 500 authentic Arabian horses, Emirati riders and about 200 camels.
With 530 lighting fixtures, 175 square meter 9mm Mambo LED to relay the camera work and show content and 8 stacks of L-acoustics PA, the grandstand audience and television audience alike could delight in the region’s annual heritage parade.