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When the Unite With Tomorrowland electronic music festival franchise arrived in Dubai Festival City Arena, organisers Envie Events set up a live satellite link between Dubai, the original venue at Boom in Belgium, and seven other Unite events scheduled to take place simultaneously in Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Malta, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan.

Designed in the authentic Tomorrowland style, all stage sets were to be virtually identical in presentation. In Dubai it was left to Protec to not only follow the design blueprint, but to ensure staging sustained the dynamic provided by some of the world’s top DJs during the three-hour live stream broadcast (which ran between 11pm-2am).

Protec provided a full cutting-edge inventory of audio, video, lighting, scenic set and rigging (as well as radios, satellite comms link up and cameras) for the first ever event of its kind in Dubai.

Speaking of fulfilling one of Dubai’s most exciting gigs, Protec project manager, Simon Travis, paid credit to his excellent crew. “The show itself was thumping, looked great and sounded great,” he said. “It was a truly outstanding event to be a part of and I could not have been happier with the entire production and the exposure it got.”