With a thorough knowledge of the technologies available within this industry, Protec provides a full design support service – from conceptual design to on-site build up and breakdown.

We use technology innovatively within our designs, allowing us to take your event to a new level and experience that you may not have imagined possible.

If you have an idea in mind or need help developing it, our Maya, Adobe or Autodesk specialists will bring your idea to life. Our CAD specialists will ensure that every technical aspect is accurate and practical. Protec Design & Graphics is accomplished both at creating sophisticated visuals of sets & venues as well as animations.

Protec can print your set design as a 3D model, allowing you to pre-visualise and test 3D projection mapping content – literally get a hands-on approach to your event.


Design Consultancy


We have a keen knowledge of all creative and innovative technologies available within this industry, allowing you to offer your audience a new level of experience that you may not have imagined possible.

Protec designers can visualise or help develop your ideas – confident that every show element, from back-end rigging to front end finish is considered an aesthetic success.

Concept Visuals


Visualization through imagery is a very effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas.

We use leading industry software to create accurate technical drawings, 3D visualizations or real time 3D simulations, so you can get a true photo realistic view of your event, an indispensable tool for communicating your event intentions with assurance.

Event Discipline Integration

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With an unparalleled integration and understanding of every event discipline needs – from lighting, rigging, automation, video, staging – Protec Design offers technical planning with technical drawing support, guaranteeing an accomplished show experience from beginning to end.

3D Computer Modelling & Printing

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3D mapping has become more complex over the years with multiple irregular objects and tracking systems. Using a 3D printer to 3D model your set, allows clients to pre-visualise and test how content will work- giving you a hands on approach to your event.